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Benefits of Massage

Getting a massage is one of life’s simple pleasures. Being able to lie down and shut out the rest of the world for even 30 minutes can be heavenly. But how often can you say you take the time to do this for yourself? Not only are massages good for your muscles, but they can improve your wellbeing and ease a stressed mind.


There are many benefits to having a relaxation massage, including the increase of circulation. This means more blood, oxygen and nutrients flowing around the body, leading to the lungs, heart and muscles functioning more effectively.


The main reason most people decide to get a massage is because they have muscular aches or pains. Massaging and kneading the muscle tissues is a great way to ease the tension you may feel and break down knots and adhesions.


Another great benefit of massage is the effect it has on your mind and wellbeing. A soothing massage is a great way to unwind and de-stress after a hectic week at work (we all have them!). Let your body recover and rebalance with a Relaxation Massage.


Here at Eva Mercedes, we offer a hot stone add on to our massage treatments. Heated volcanic stones are used to warm and soothe tired, aching muscles, to provide a deeper relaxation. Generally, we use the stones first to warm the muscles, then use a combination of manual and stones to knead and work the muscles.


How often should you get a massage?


This depends on each individual. If you have a specific ache or pain, once a week is good, or if you are treating yourself to some well needed relaxation, once a fortnight is great. With many of us leading busy lives, making time for yourself can be very difficult so even a 30 minute massage whenever you can fit it in will still benefit you.


What should and what shouldn’t I do after my massage?


Drink water! You’ve probably heard this a lot after having a massage, and it’s great to rehydrate after a massage to flush out any toxins, but avoid caffeinated, alcoholic and soft beverages straight after your treatment.


Avoid doing anything too strenuous, like the gym or heaving lifting, after your massage, it is best to rest. A hot bath after your essential oils have been absorbed is great to keep those muscles warm and relaxed.


For a day or two after your massage, you may feel sore; this is normal. Listen to your own body and if you need to rest for a couple of days after your massage instead of getting straight back into your workout routine, then please do so.


So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a Relaxation Massage now; you deserve it! Click the link below to our online booking system or give us a call or text on 0474 230 000 to make your appointment.


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We hope to see you in the studio soon!


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