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Do Eyelash Extensions damage your natural eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions that are applied correctly will not damage the natural eyelashes!

There are a lot of horror stories about lash extensions ruining your natural lashes, which puts many people off having them done. Whether you are having classic or volume, each lash extension should be placed on one individual natural lash. If this is not done properly, and 2 or more natural lashes are stuck together, this can cause damage and pull your lashes out.

Another way lashes can be damaged is if an extension that is too heavy or long is applied. Your extension length and thickness is determined by the health and thickness of your natural eyelashes. So please be aware we will only lash what we think is suitable for your lashes, as lash health is our number one priority.

Therapists who are not professionally trained, inexperienced and rush their work are likely to apply the synthetic eyelash extensions incorrectly resulting in damaged natural eyelashes. Be cautious and always do your research before booking at any salon.

We can give you all the best aftercare for your lashes, but if not followed properly then you may risk irritation and infections. Eyelashes were given to us by mother nature to protect the eyes from dirt and such entering the eyes. Therefore, regular cleaning is essential. Makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria can build up on your lashes, which will not only breakdown the lash glue (meaning you’ll lose lash extensions faster, which no one wants), but it can also lead to eye infections like styes and conjunctivitis, or even lash mites (yes, these are a real thing!). The best product to use on your extensions is a lash cleanser and suitable brush. When you have your lashes done with us, we will show you our oil-free foam cleanser and brush and instruct you on how to use it correctly.

We take extra care & time to perfect our work to ensure that all the synthetic eyelashes are applied individually. Choose your therapist based on quality of work over time, cheap is not always better. Especially when it comes to the health of your natural eyelashes. At Eva Mercedes we pride ourselves on ensuring you the health of your natural eyelashes.

If you’d like more information on the different types of lash extensions we offer, please click here!

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We look forward to seeing you at Eva Mercedes soon!

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