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How to Care For Your Lash Extensions

Do you ever find your lashes don’t last as well as expected? The first step to finding out why is thinking about your lash care routine. Caring for your lash extensions correctly is extremely important for your natural lash health and the longevity of your extensions. After your lash appointment, your lash technician should provide you with some aftercare advice to keep your lashes looking fresh and long lasting (which I hope you all follow!). I want to explain to you the steps of lash care and why they are so important.

Step 1 – cleansing

There are many myths about how you’re not meant to ever wet your lashes. These are NOT true. Straight after your lash appointment you must keep them away from water, and excessive steam and heat as the glue is still setting, but after 24 hours you can get them wet! Keeping your lashes clean is super important, and to do this you need to get them wet.

Most lash techs sell a lash specific cleanser and brush (find ours here!) which is the best product to buy for your lashes, and it lasts ages! This is how you use them:

Clean your lash extensions a minimum of 3 times a week, or daily if you wear eye-makeup every day or have oily skin. Ensure to cleanse your lash extensions after swimming and activities that cause excessive sweating (gym, sauna, etc).

  1. Using a lash specific cleanser and cleansing brush, apply the foam to the lid and lashes.
  2. Use gentle, downwards motions with the brush to work the cleanser into the lashes, and breakdown any makeup or dirt.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water – this is easiest to do in the shower.
  4. Pat dry with a towel and brush through with your clean mascara wand.

Improper or avoiding cleansing can cause lash extensions to fall out prematurely, and can lead to potential infections, eye irritation, poor lash health and even lash mites (yuck!).

Step 2 – brushing

You should be given a mascara spoolie or two after your initial lash appointment to be used to comb through your lashes at home. Doing this daily will keep them all pointing the right way. It’s also good to give them a good brush after getting them wet as it will help to open up any volume lashes and realign classics.

Step 3 – what to avoid

Oil is lash glue’s worst enemy. Glue is broken down by any type of oil which means your lashes fall out a lot quicker. Try to avoid facial products around your eye area as they may contain oils which can breakdown the lash glue.

Avoid cotton buds/pads, make-up wipes, facial sponges and face cloths on your lash extensions as they can pull at your lashes causing loss of and damage to your lashes.

Avoid vigorously rubbing your eyes! This is hard to get used to at first but when you rub your eyes you may pull out your natural lashes and cause some serious damage.

Mascara is another no go for extensions. Not only will mascara make your lashes look clumpy, it’s very hard to remove properly without pulling out your extensions. Any remaining mascara creates a barrier on your lashes, which means your infills won’t adhere properly, making them fall out prematurely.

I hope this has cleared up any queries about cleaning your lashes and what to avoid! If you would like to book an appointment for a set of fluffy extensions give us a call or text on 0474 230 000, pop us a DM on our Instagram or book online.

We look forward to seeing you at Eva Mercedes Cosmetic Studio soon!

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