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Everything you need to know about Sugaring!

You’ve probably heard of strip or hot wax, but have you ever heard of sugaring? As the name suggests, this product is made from sugar which is mixed with water and then heated to create a paste. This traditional method of hair removal dates back to ancient Egypt and is completely strip-less. Our Pandhy’s depilatory sugar paste is 100% natural, not tested on animals and acid free.


What are the benefits of sugaring?


One of the main benefits to sugaring is that most people find it less painful than traditional waxing. This is because sugar doesn’t stick to live skin cells and it is only heated to body temperature, meaning less skin irritation, no tearing of the skin and no chance of burning. This doesn’t mean it’s completely painless, we’re still removing hair from the root here.


Our sugar paste is applied against the direction of growth (opposite to normal wax application), then removed with the direction of growth. Because of this, there are no breakages and the whole hair is pulled put by the root, meaning longer lasting smooth skin.


Have you ever left a salon after a wax with that uncomfortable sticky feeling? Well, with sugaring you can wave goodbye to those annoying bits of left-over wax! Our paste is completely water soluble, so with a simple spray of our rose water after your hair removal is complete, any sticky residue is gone.


What’s it made of?


Made from glucose, fructose and water, our sugar paste is so natural you can eat it! You may have noticed above I mentioned our sugar is acid free. Traditionally, sugar paste is made with lemon juice, but this can have an astringent effect causing the pores to shrink. And, as you can imagine, the smaller the pore, the harder it is for the hair to come out.


What areas can be sugared?


Anywhere you want hair removed, we can sugar! We have a variety of paste options to suit different hair types, meaning sugaring is suitable for even the most intimate areas and the most sensitive skin.


How long does my hair have to be?


Hair can be removed from as little as 1-3mm as the molecule seep down into the pore and pull from the root. If your hair is long, sugaring can be a little uncomfortable, so we recommend trimming beforehand.


How long does it last?


This can vary person to person, but because we can sugar hair from 1mm, we can usually remove the hair when it’s in the early growth stage. This means a longer lasting result and, over time, reduced hair growth.


As you can tell, we’re big fans of sugaring here at Eva Mercedes and I hope you can see why. Book yourself in to see what all the fuss is about and I’m certain you’ll love it too. Call or text 0474 230 000, pop us a DM on our Instagram or book online!


We look forward to seeing you at Eva Mercedes soon!


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