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Different Methods of eyebrow tattooing and Techniques for Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing

I don’t know about you, but my morning makeup routine is a hassle, especially making time for brows. I would 100% rather spend that half an hour peacefully dreaming in bed. Now, with the power of cosmetic tattooing, this is no longer a fantasy! Those perfectly shaped, effortless brows you’ve always hoped for can be a reality! We’ve got you covered at Eva Mercedes! With a selection of eyebrow tattoo techniques available, let’s go through what they’re all about.

What are the different types of eyebrow tattooing?

Here at Eva Mercedes, we offer microblading (also known as feathering) mist brows, ombre brows and combination brows. But which is better: microblading or microshading? Each technique is suited to different types of brows, and our brow expert will determine which is best for you at your complimentary consultation.


Feather touch is a manual, semi-permanent technique. This technique creates hyper-realistic brows using a hand held tool to create realistic and natural hair strokes. The hair strokes are always drawn in the direction of the natural hair growth in order to achieve hyper-realistic eyebrow look. Also known as feather touch, feathering, microblading or hair strokes.

Mist Brow/Microshading

Mist Brows create a soft and natural powdered look. Some may argue that this is not a natural technique but, in fact in most cases powder brows is a natural way to have fuller brows without needing to use makeup daily. Also known as powder brows or shading.

Ombre Brows

Ombre Brows create a soft and yet defined gradient powdered look. Ombre brows is a natural way to have fuller brows without needing to use makeup daily. This technique is known to make you look & feel younger with your new brows.

Combination Brow

Combination brows can be described as a hybrid between Feather Touch and Ombre Brows. Giving you the best of both worlds. This technique creates a natural yet defined brow. With the option of a bold or a soft combination. This technique can be tailored to your desired look.

What is the prep before my eyebrow tattooing treatment?

Before your treatment, the skin should not be burnt, nor in recovery or regeneration process.

The following treatments are not recommended 30 days before the treatment:

• Muscle relaxers and fillers

• Fruit or lactic acids

• Laser treatments

• Chemical peel

• Exposure to strong sunlight.

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What happens after my brow appointment?

You may experience some of the following;

  • Scabbing, if this happens do not pick the scab! It will naturally fall off on its own
  • Itchiness, itchiness indicates the healing process is well on its way! Try not to touch your brows when you feel this sensation
  • Redness, this will subside within the first few days

We will provide you with an aftercare kit and advice that you should follow:

During the first day gently, without rubbing, cleanse your brow with lukewarm water morning and night. Only touch the area with clean hands, and apply the aftercare cream as instructed with cotton tips or fingers.

During the first 7 days avoid sauna, swimming pools, makeup in the eyebrow area, sun tanning, cosmetic treatments.

In order to preserve the colour for as long as possible, use SPF on the area when sun tanning.

When you first have your brows tattooed with us, they may seem darker than anticipated, but don’t worry – this is normal and they will lighten. Then, they may disappear altogether but the pigment will come back over time. After 4 weeks, you come back to the studio to have your touch up. At this appointment, if there’s any areas of skin that hasn’t quite taken the pigment or anything that needs changing, this is when we do it. 

Does eyebrow tattooing hurt?

It can be a little uncomfortable, most clients only feel a scratchy sensation. 

Is eyebrow tattooing permanent? 

The answer is no. We use a different technique and pigment to traditional tattooing. This means the cosmetic tattoo isn’t as deep as a body tattoo, and as the skin regenerates, your brows will gently fade and you can have a top up when necessary. This may seem disappointing for some as you may want a permanent option. But think of this: how much have eyebrow trends changed since you started doing your brows? In a year or two you may want a new shape, or maybe you’ve gone darker with your hair and you want to match that. If we were to use a permanent technique and pigment it would still fade but to a red or blue colour, which no one wants on their brows!

Looking for eyebrow tattooing in Sydney? Come check us out at Eva Mercedes Cosmetic Studio so we can make your brow dreams come true! Book your complimentary consultation online or pop us a DM on Instagram!

We look forward to treating you soon!

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