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What is a Russian E-File Manicure?

There’s nothing better than freshly manicured, nourished nails. Looking down and seeing a pop of colour on your toes and fingers can really brighten your day. You may have heard the term “Russian Manicure” or “E-File Manicure” before, but what do these terms actually mean? With so many different treatments on the market it can be confusing picking one for you, so I’m here to explain exactly what a Russian E-file Manicure entails and why we believe it gives the best result.

The cuticle is skin around the base of your nails which protects the matrix (where the nail plate is formed) from bacteria. Cuticle removal has been a very controversial topic amongst nail techs as some argue that it is damaging and others see no problem with it. We believe removal of just the excessive cuticle gives the nail a cleaner finish.

With your standard mani or pedi, the hands and feet are soaked, and then cuticles pushed back and removed with metal tools, whereas with our Russian treatment we perform all the cuticle work dry, using an electronic file with a small headpiece (it’s a lot less scary than it sounds!). The rotating action of the headpiece slowly buffs away the dead skin, allowing complete control and therefore no nasty cuts (ouch!).

As well as a super clean finish, the Russian technique will help to make your nails look and last longer. With no cuticle attached to the nail, your nail bed will appear longer, and the gel or polish can be applied a lot closer to the base of nail, meaning you won’t get that annoying grown out look as fast.

There are many stories out there about how electric files are bad for your nails and that they thin them, making them weak. When used incorrectly, this can happen. Overuse of an electric file, too much pressure or incorrect angles of the file can cause damage like thinning or rings of fire. Here at Eva Mercedes Cosmetic Studio, your natural nail health is our priority and we will only use the e-file where we believe safe and necessary.

I hope this has cleared up what exactly an E-File Russian Treatment entails and why we think this technique will really enhance your manis and pedis! Book yourself in to see what all the fuss is about and I’m certain you’ll love it too. Give us a call or text on 0474 230 000, pop us a DM on our Instagram or book online.

We look forward to seeing you at Eva Mercedes Cosmetic Studio soon!

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